Let Me Chord!

Ultimate Method For Learning Chords On Guitar

Let Me Chord is an app for guitar players that will allow you to learn all chords in all keys and all inversions. Unlike most apps on the market, this one will not just give you a bunch of chords to memorize; it will give you a method to learn how to build chords on your own, as well as to enable you to orientate yourself on the fretboard, and use them in all 12 keys with ease and confidence.

You will learn how to build more than 50 different chord types with many voicings and inversions, as well as scale harmonization techniques, including quartal and quintal harmony. It is ideal for all guitarists who want to expand their chord vocabulary and improve their knowledge of harmony. The complete method is presented using text and chord diagrams in a well designed, e-book style user interface which provides a great reading experience and is easy to use.